Christian Blanchard and Soo Joo on set

Soo Joo Park defines the pretty-meets-gritty mood of our latest collection, killing it in our new season pieces and rounding out one of our most-loved campaign shoots to date.

Soo Joo Park in action

There is nothing like a laid-back summer season, and this may very well be the next Summer of Love – if the feminine, carefree nature of our latest accessories are anything to go by. There’s something so perfect about the current obsession with a 1970’s revival, which of course has been re-invented by our design team for our latest collection; think chic retro relaxation meets a modern artisan.

Only smiles from Soo Joo

Mixing ethereal and painterly prints with a slightly more undone approach to bags, there’s fluid shapes and a new wave of structured styles for a touch of modern grit; all still with an undeniable elegance.

The iconic free-spiritedness and adventure that comes to mind when you think about this time of year is, of course present, with trinkets, tassels and a whole lot of tactility making dressing up that much more fun.

Soo Joo wears new season jewellery, coming soon.
Soo Joo Park. All images by Jessie Obialor

See Soo Joo Park bring our final chapter to life in our behind the scenes film.

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